Business Invitation Letter

  Chinese Invitation Letter, which also named as Visa Notification Form of Duly Authorized Unit, is a document for foreigners to apply visa in Chinese embassy when they are about to visiting China. Usually it is the government departments who have the right to issue invitation letter, including: Commerce department, Foreign Affair office and Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, among them, the commerce department is the highest level agent to issue invitation letter.

  A complete business invitation letter including two documents, they are Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit and Guarantee letter of Chinese company. Some companies only provide Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit, which is differentiate from the applicant’s nationality and visa type he/she applies.

  The invitation letter (I/L) can be issued to Chinese embassy in your native country or the third country (except Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan). For example: An Indian applicant in India (or Thailand) wants to apply I/L, the I/L must be  issued to India (or Thailand). The government shall firstly send the I/L to India (or the Thailand) by email, then the applicant go to the Chinese embassy in India (or Thailand) with original I/L to get the China visa. If the place where the I/L issued to are not same with the place where you apply visa, visa application would be failed.

  With our service, the invitation letters are mostly issued by Beijing Commerce Department, which shall be safe and reliable.

  Process of placing order:

  Choose the I/L type----Send the scans of your passport front page and China visa (if you have) to our email----Documents Audition----Send quotation after audit----Make prepayment----Processing ----Applied successful----Pay balance----Send the I/L by post.

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